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Once upon a time there was a relic that was sent to friends and neighbors to invite them being happy with you. "Wish you were here" was a nice custom though it wasn't every time truly honest. Some of these Greetings were merely sent to spread jealousy, but anyhow it was a nice custom.
I still like the thought and even if the time for postcards is over I made some of them and will in the future just to keep the spirits up.

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»Rivendale and Mordor«

I know - the nails in the coffin. The Lord Of The Rings was the big finale for the NZ we knew. NZ was a farmland and that was what we loved about. Simple folks you simply liked from the first moment on. Well I'm afraid those times are over but I still have my memories …

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»Panos the other way arround«

To be honest - the places are rare in the conceptional layout. If there is room for a sidebar it is mostly filled with several small images and you know why?
Filling a sidebar with only one image at the height os the layout means you have to have a picture with a very high resolution. Most pros are not used to think that far out of the box and so don't the photographers.
Well - I know a good shot when I see one …

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